Most people have a smart mobile phone and use it every day. But do they know what makes up their mobile phone? Or even understand what all the jargon means?

With this post we’ll go through some of the common terms used to sell mobile phones and what they mean.

Quad Core, Octo Core Processor

The number of cores in broad terms relates to the number of jobs that can be handled at the same time by the phone.
A Quad Core can handle 4 jobs at a time and an Octo Core, as found in the Samsung Galaxy A phones available through Voipex, can handle 8 jobs at the same time.
More cores generally means you can have more apps running before you start to notice your phone slowing down.
Some apps will also run better when you have more cores.

RAM vs Internal Storage vs Additional Storage

RAM is short term storage that apps use when they are running.
When you close the app they free up the amount of RAM they were using.
Too many apps running at the same time can use up the RAM on your mobile phone resulting in sluggish performance.
Some newer phones are smart enough to close running apps that you aren’t using to free up RAM.

Internal Storage is long term storage that is needed to install apps.
It’s also used for storing your photos, music and documents on your phone.
The greater the internal storage the more apps and files you can store on the phone.

Additional Storage can be added to some by installing an SD card.
The SD card is about the same size as a SIM card and the installation process is straight forward, but may be a bit fiddly.
The extra storage is best used for storing your photos, music and documents.

What are all these cameras for?

Long gone are the days of having just a single camera on a phone that does everything.
Newer phones now have multiple cameras each for a specific tasks such as for ultra wide photos and videos, macro (close up) photos and videos, and depth that allows for better focus of your subject matter.
These individual cameras then work together to let you take better quality photos and videos.


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