Residential Referral

Refer a new customer to VoIPex and get your next months internet free!


VoIPex has decided it would rather spend its marketing budget on its customers than spend it on traditional or digital media marketing

So we have come up with a novel idea to offer our customers free internet if they refer a new customer.

If you refer 12 new customers over 12 months then you will effectively not pay for your internet connection for 12 months.

There are no catches or fees, just refer a new customer and we will reward you next month with free internet.


New customers must sign up to a 12 month contract.

Existing customer must have been a customer with VoIPex for 3 months.

Payment can only be made by credit card or direct debit.

If more than one new customer is referred in a month, then the subsequent months are not billed either.

Only the base nbn Unlimited plan is not charged. Any additional services will be charged at their normal rates.

Once the new customer is signed and setup, on the next billing month you won’t be billed for your base nbn Unlimited internet plan.