Residential Services

nbn™ Internet

Get super fast internet on nbn™. Unlimited data plans on the NBN12™, NBN25™ and NBN50™ speed bands now available for home users.

Plans start from $59.95 per month

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Voice over IP

Move your home phone to Voice over IP and experience quality audio.

Includes free features such as voicemail, call forwarding and caller ID.

Plans start from $4.95 per month

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SIM Mobile Plans

Free standard landline calls and standard mobile calls and text.

Generous data amounts and double data on 12 month plan.

Plans start from $10 per month

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Business Services

Domain Registration

Make you business easier to find with a custom domain name through VoIPex. Starting at $29.95 per year we’ll help get your business online.

  • Domain Registration
  • Free email forwarding
  • Free DNS Hosting

Microsoft 365

With Microsoft 365 you can connect people, systems, and operations in new ways. There are solutions for businesses of all sizes in every industry so you can stay up and running.

  • Microsoft 365 for Business
  • Exchange Online