VoIP Support

Residential VoIP Feature Codes


Anonymous Call Rejection (Default: OFF)

Used to block inbound calls with hidden numbers

Activate Deactivate
Always reject anonymous calls *77 #77


Call Forwarding (Default: OFF)

Used to forward calls to an alternate phone number. Several forwarding conditions are available.

Activate Deactivate
Always forward calls *21 #21
Forward calls on busy *24 #24
Forward calls on no answer *61 #61
Forward calls when not reachable *25 #25


Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking (Default: OFF)

Sets your phone number to a private number so that your phone number is not displayed to the person you are calling.

Activate Deactivate
Always block calling line ID delivery *31 #31


Calling Waiting (Default: ON)

Used to enable and disable Call Waiting.

Activate Deactivate
Always use Call Waiting *43 #43


Do Not Disturb (Default: OFF)

When enabled all inbound calls will be rejected and sent to Voicemail (if voicemail has been enabled)

Activate Deactivate
Always reject inbound calls *78 #78


Voice Portal (Default: DISABLED)

Used to access your hosted Voicemail portal. Here you can record voicemail greetings and manage voicemails. (Contact VoIPex to enable)
To access the Voice Portal dial *62 then follow the prompts