Email Account Support

General Email Account Information

These settings are the generic settings used in all email programs for connecting to the VoIPex email server and downloading, or sending emails.

Email Username: full email address.
For example

Incoming IMAP/POP3 server:
IMAP Port Number: 143 (for SSL use Port 993)
POP3 Port Number: 110 (for SSL use Port 995)

Outgoing SMTP server:
SMTP Port Number: 587 (for SSL use Port 465)

Your email username and password are required for both retrieving and sending emails.

Information coming soon

Android 8 – General Email Account Setup

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Users and Accounts
  3. Tap Add account
  4. From the list tap Personal (POP3)
  5. Enter your email address and tap Next
  6. Enter your password and tap Next
  7. On the incoming server settings screen change the Server to and tap Next
  8. On the Outgoing server settings page change the SMTP server to and tap Next
  9. Leave the Account options as the are and tap Next.
  10. The account should be created and you can change the account name and Your name fields, then tap Next.

You can now access your VoIPex emails using the Gmail email app on your phone.

Information coming soon

Information coming soon