Testimonial - Club Kotara

About Club Kotara

The introduction of nbn broadband to the suburb of Kotara prompted Club Kotara to approach Voipex to upgrade their IT needs. 

We upgraded their ADSL to nbn broadband, migrated their outdated phones to newer VoIP phone lines and phone system, and installed a Wi-Fi system for patrons to use.

Video Testimonial Transcript

Hi, my name is Ben Hamilton, and I’m the manager at Club Kotara.

Why did we go with VoiPex?

The reason we went for Voipex is we found that they represented great value for money.

When comparing them to the major players in telecommunications, we found that their pricing was favourable.

We also like the fact that they are a local Newcastle business, and we found that they’re very responsive to troubleshooting any issues that we may have.

We can contact them by messaging as well as getting direct contact with them via telephone.

What’s my experience being with VoiPex?


If I need to contact them, they’re available, whether it be by message or telephone.

They can troubleshoot our issues quite promptly and they have a very good success rate in being able, to restore our services in a short period of time, all at an affordable price.

A brief overview of what we provided Club Kotara

An internet speed increase of over


when we moved Club Kotara from ADSL broadband to nbn broadband.

A new phone system with an


and cordless phones for staff meant no more missed calls.

A better experience for patrons with


that reached the greens was added to the club.

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